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Advertise on this site, plus across the toastmost.org network of club websites. Best value: read about our Premier Sponsor program.

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Basic sidebar ad

Premier Sponsor Program

In addition to a sidebar ad, this program includes prominent placement across multiple channels. For $400, a Premier Sponsor gets:

  • Three months worth of advertising, including:
  • One month: Preferred placement in the sidebar ad slot that appears on each toastmost.org club website. There may be up to three sidebar ads in rotation, but yours will be shown first.
  • Two months more of sidebar ad placement (not guaranteed to be shown first)
  • One month of exclusive placement in the ad slot at the bottom of every page.
  • One month of exclusive placement on the member’s dashboard (shown on the main dashboard page, not necessarily every page).
  • One month of exclusive placement at the bottom of every email agenda sent out from toastmost.org.

Questions? Contact david@wp4toastmasters.com.

A sidebar ad

Ad on the member’s dashboard

Ad on the email version of the agenda

Ad at the bottom of every page

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