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Financial contributions offset project expenses such as web hosting and security.

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Advertise to Toastmasters leaders in the clubs who take advantage of the free website offer at (example: Ads appear in the sidebar of the page.

For details on one year “exclusive” or “gold” level sponsorships, contact project leader David F. Carr, DTM, at

Contribute Time, Talent, Connections

This project started as a one-man show, a solution for a single club, but it needs to grow. Can you help spread the word about this project? Contribute documentation or training resources? Do you have web development or design skills to offer?

Contact David F. Carr, founder and chief developer, WordPress for Toastmasters,, Project Facebook page

WordPress for Toastmasters is a project of Carr Communications Inc. and receives no financial or logistical support from Toastmasters International.
The Toastmasters-branded theme Lectern has been reviewed for conformance to Toastmasters branding requirements.