Welcome to WordPress for Toastmasters

WordPress for Toastmasters allows a Toastmasters club to take advantage of everything the WordPress blogging community has created for an easy-to-use yet powerful platform for marketing and social networking, along with Toastmasters-specific functions like managing meeting agendas and member role signups.

If you are a club officer, this is a tool that can help save you time and bring in new members. You will find yourself doing less manual work in spreadsheets and back-of-the-envelope calculations of how members are progressing through the Toastmasters educational program.

For a club that wants to attract new members, you get the advantage of access to a professional quality web publishing and marketing platform. With a little imagination, you can also dramatize what makes your club special and tell those learning about Toastmasters for the first time why they should visit and join.

You can sign up for a site on the Toastmost.org service (which will have a web address like myclub.toastmost.org). Test it free for 60 days and decide whether it makes sense for your club. Hosting plans are available through Carr Communica

tions Inc. on toastmost.org or at your own domain. Or you can create your own website using the same software on any web hosting service that supports WordPress.

You can do some basic testing of the member experience at demo.toastmost.org by clicking on one of the Weekly Meeting or Contest links and logging in as:

user: member
password: member

See the How To page for more on how WordPress for Toastmasters works (and how to make it work for your club).

This video covers some of the thinking that went into this software project, as well as other ways you can promote your club and the Toastmasters experience online.

The Origin Story

These WordPress customizations for Toastmasters have been used by my home club, Club Awesome in Coral Springs, FL, since early 2012. I’m David F. Carr, a writer, editor, and web consultant, former club President, VPE, Area Governor, and District 47 social media chair. I hope to enlist the support of other web developers and designers who are active in Toastmasters as this project becomes more widely known.

When I first became a VP of Education at Club Awesome, I was frustrated by the limitations of the default web publishing solution used by most clubs. So I created something that worked exactly the way our club wanted it to work.

The version you see here has been generalized for use by other clubs, with some additional effort into making it usable by non-techies. Recent enhancements include member and club performance tracking features developed at the request of Club Awesome’s current VPE and other Toastmasters leaders. Having led Online Presenters Toastmasters to charter, serving as its first president, I have been adding features to support the needs of clubs that meet online or allow remote attendance.

From the Blog

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Support for Exporting, Erasing Personal Data (GDPR Compliance)

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How to Email the Agenda, Invite Members to Fill Roles

Club and meeting leaders can use the email version of the meeting agenda to fill open roles, sending it out with a link that invites members to sign up online with a couple of clicks. You do that by selecting the Email option under the Agenda menu, like this: This tool allows you to add  [Read More]

How to Modify an Existing Agenda Event or Template

If you have the required editing rights on the website, you can edit any existing agenda event or event template. You will find the events listed under the main RSVP Events listing of event posts. Templates are listed under a submenu, RSVP Events -> Event Templates. You would modify the template if you wanted to [Read More]

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