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WordPress for Toastmasters allows a Toastmasters club to take advantage of everything the WordPress blogging community has created for an easy-to-use yet powerful platform for marketing and social networking, along with Toastmasters-specific functions like managing meeting agendas and member role signups.

If you are a club officer, this is a tool that can help save you time and bring in new members. You will find yourself doing less manual work in spreadsheets and back-of-the-envelope calculations of how members are progressing through the Toastmasters educational program. The latest release also includes the beginnings of support for Pathways.

For a club that wants to attract new members, you get the advantage of access to a professional quality web publishing and marketing platform. With a little imagination, you can also dramatize what makes your club special and tell those learning about Toastmasters for the first time why they should visit and join.

Depending on your budget and ambitions, you can sign up for a free site (which will have a web address like myclub.toastmost.org) or host your own website at your own domain using the same software. Or you can start out with a fee toastmost.org site and graduate to hosting your own site later.

Note that this is a volunteer project, so consider offering a donation, advertising, and other support if you find the software to be worthwhile.

Creating a free website for your own club takes just a few minutes, using the Website Request tool. It won’t show up in Google searches until you are ready to start publicizing it, so you can invite a few other club members in to test it (no cost, no commitment).

You can do some basic testing of the member experience at demo.toastmost.org by clicking on one of the Weekly Meeting or Contest links and logging in as:

user: member
password: member

See the How To page for more on how WordPress for Toastmasters works (and how to make it work for your club).

This video covers some of the thinking that went into this software project, as well as other ways you can promote your club and the Toastmasters experience online.

The Origin Story

These WordPress customizations for Toastmasters have been used by my home club, Club Awesome in Coral Springs, FL, since early 2012. I’m David F. Carr, a writer, editor, and web consultant, former club President, VPE, Area Governor, and District 47 social media chair. I hope to enlist the support of other web developers and designers who are active in Toastmasters as this project becomes more widely known. I am already getting lots of feedback from club leaders who see the potential of this solution and have lists of improvements they would like to see.

Back to Club Awesome: When I first became a VP of Education, I was frustrated by the limitations of the default solution used by most clubs and so created something that worked exactly the way our club wanted it to work.

The version you see here has been generalized for use by other clubs, with some additional effort into making it usable by non-techies. Recent enhancements include member and club performance tracking features developed at the request of Club Awesome’s current VPE and other Toastmasters leaders.

I’m currently President of Online Presenters, a club that meets online and focuses on helping members learn skills for webinars and online meetings. One of my current projects is refining features that are important to online clubs (a relatively new phenomenon in the Toastmasters world).

From the Blog

How to Assign Time to Each Portion of Your Agenda

WordPress for Toastmasters now makes it a little easier to plan the timing of your meeting agenda on an administration screen where you can assign or adjust the time associated with any role on the agenda or any agenda note. You will see the times change as you make your updates. Here is what that [Read More]

Guest Email List and Utilities for Tracking Guests and Former Members

The latest software updates were produced in response to a request to support having a separate email list for staying in touch with guests who are not yet members. You can also use it to keep tabs on former members you hope will return someday. This is part of the the integration with the Mailman [Read More]

WordPress for Toastmasters Training for July 2017

Learn how to promote your club and fill your agenda with the help of WordPress for Toastmasters. This training is intended for club officers who are actively using or considering the WordPress option for their clubs. I’ve scheduled three sessions aimed at officers settling into new roles or thinking about how digital tools might help [Read More]

Video: How to Reorder Speakers and Evaluators

The latest update to WordPress for Toastmasters makes it easier to rearrange the order in which we want speakers and evaluators to be listed on the agenda, which might not be the same as the order in which they signed up. For example, my home club, Club Awesome, follows a tradition of allowing a member giving [Read More]

Call for Developers: WordPress for Toastmasters on Github

The three components of the WordPress for Toastmasters software are now available on Github for the benefit of web developers and designers who would like to contribute code and ideas for improvement.  RSVPMaker Events and Registration Plugin for WordPress https://github.com/davidfcarr/rsvpmaker RSVPMaker for Toastmasters https://github.com/davidfcarr/rsvpmaker-for-toastmasters Lectern – WordPress theme designed to support Toastmasters branding https://github.com/davidfcarr/lectern The [Read More]

Video Replay: WordPress for Toastmasters workshop

This workshop was delivered as part of a meeting of Online Presenters Toastmasters, a club that meets online and focuses on developing skills for webinars and online meetings. The WordPress for Toastmasters project aims to give clubs a first-class web and social media marketing platform to use when promoting their clubs, along with Toastmasters specific [Read More]

Monday: Workshop on WordPress for Toastmasters at Online Presenters

I will be presenting a Workshop on WordPress for Toastmasters on Monday May 15, 2017 at 7:30 pm EDT, in the context of a meeting of Online Presenters Toastmasters. Sign up here: Online Presenters Meeting: Workshop on WordPress for Toastmasters May 15 This workshop particularly focuses on what club webmasters and club officers need to [Read More]

Sync Member Progress Report Data

Club website administrators now have the option to allow the WordPress for Toastmasters software to backup and sync member progress report data, meaning data about speeches and other roles filled within the club. For the small but growing number of members who belong to multiple clubs that manage their agendas this way, this makes it [Read More]

Tracking, Updating Member Speech and Project History

The latest update to the WordPress for Toastmasters software includes several improvements to the system for tracking member activity, including more (still preliminary) support for the Pathways program. The Toastmasters menu on the WordPress dashboard shows different options to the average member than to the administrator and club officers. The site administrator also has the option [Read More]

Online Evaluation Forms for Online Clubs

WordPress for Toastmasters now includes web forms you can fill out to give written feedback to a speaker, eliminating the need to upload, download, and email back and forth files. The completed evaluation will be emailed to the speaker and saved to the user’s progress report page on the website. (A simpler version for clubs [Read More]