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The software and the free site hosting service are free, but donations are welcome to offset web hosting costs and other expenses (which will grow as the software becomes more widely used). The WordPress for Toastmasters project runs on volunteer labor and web server resources contributed by the consulting firm of Toastmaster David Carr, Carr Communications Inc.

You can also support this project by contributing your ideas for improving the software, training others on how to use it, or contributing any expertise you may have in web design or programming.

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If you don’t have a product or service to advertise, donations would be very welcome. The donation form shown below is also displayed on the administrator’s dashboard for folks who have created a club website here. Donations are purely voluntary.

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Help support this website by advertising a product or service of interest to Toastmasters. Standard ads will be displayed in the sidebar of all free accounts hosted on, in the 125×125 pixel format shown below:

This will link to the web address of your choice.

Early adopter pricing: $200 for six months.

Other formats / time periods negotiable. Make me an offer using the form below.

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